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Adixions Luxe Chocolates

My name is Vicki (Paraskevi in Greek) and I have a passion for premium, indulgent chocolate.

My sweet obsession started as a child; I would stand next to my mother in the kitchen and watch in awe as she whipped up desserts for our big Greek parties. At 10 years old, my fate was sealed when I was gifted a precious box of glossy chocolate treats. I’ll never forget the caramelized vanilla

aromas and dark sweet taste. It remains a cherished childhood memory to this day.

A heartfelt hobby quickly became a professional passion; I immersed myself in training at Savour School in Melbourne, learning all I could about the art and science of making chocolate. Discovering an instinctual talent for flavour, I travelled to Paris savouring chocolate from famous chocolatiers and dreaming of one day pioneering my own artisanal chocolate brand.

Today I am a dedicated chocolatier working from my studio in Adelaide, as passionate as ever about creating unforgettable, decadent experiences with chocolate.

Creating chocolate is who I am. Telling stories, making memories and transporting people to a moment of pure chocolate indulgence.”

Vicki Papazaharias — Founder

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