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More than just friends, we're family: Comare&Co

   Our Story   

Growing up in big Italian and Macedonian families, our childhoods were filled with sun-soaked days spent outdoors, enjoying picnics with our loved ones.


We fondly remember our cousins running around, while the adults gathered around sipping on their wine and grappa. The food was always the centerpiece of the gathering, and it was lovingly prepared by our grandmothers, aunties, and mothers. Those moments were always filled with joy, laughter, and even tears, and they will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

As we grew older, our love for food and wine only intensified. We wanted to share our passion for these simple pleasures by bringing people together on a culinary journey. And so, over a picnic and a few glasses of wine, the idea for our venture was born.

In Italian culture, a "Comare" (co·mà·re) is a close female friend who becomes a part of your family through marriage or the birth of a child. She is someone you can trust, rely on, and who will always have your back. We became Comari in the early 2000s, and over the years, our bond has only grown stronger. It's an unbreakable connection that we both cherish dearly.

We strongly believe that fresh ingredients are the key to any great meal. That's why we personally handpick the finest food and wine, locally and from around Australia, from producers with whom we have built strong relationships. We take pride in bringing you the freshest and tastiest products, all bundled into a premium wicker basket complete with accessories.

With everything taken care of, the hardest decision for you will be choosing your favorite destination and who to share this unique experience with!

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